Friday, September 30, 2016

This month I started volunteering at Sci High as a teacher's aid for the environmental science class. I assisted with Mrs. Childress's sophomore and senior class. The senior class was a little more energetic because it's their last year of school which required more effort to keep them focused. I assisted the students that struggled with their in-class assignments and monitored for any horseplay so that Mrs. Childress didn't need to stop her lecture as often. The sophomore class was a smaller class and these kids were bright but needed more time to process the information. All of them were shy but were very receptive when I offered assistance. One of the kids in particular was very passionate about learning about "environmental succession" and every time he heard about a forest fire or volcanic eruption, he would get upset hearing about the welfare of the plants and animals within that environment. It was great to see such emotion and interest from a high school student. In addition to working at Sci High, I was still working at Kipp elementary/middle school as well. During my first couple of visits, I was responsible for organizing the different uniforms in the middle school's stock room. We separated the shirts based on color and then further separated the shirts based on their sizes. There were a ton of boxes to sort through. The other volunteers and I formed an assembly line to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Aside from organizing the office closet, I made copies of different books that the teachers would use during class. Although the work at Kipp seemed remedial, I know that this was a huge time saver for the teachers and will allow them to allocate more time towards other important tasks.

September Hours: 9 hours

Total hours: 15 hours