Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Blues

This month has been an underwhelming month to say the least. I was hoping to achieve enough hours to counter balance my lack of outreach last month. I wasn't able to achieve my goal due to an unexpected car accident. It crippled my ability to drive to Sci High this month but prior to the accident I was able to car pool with some peers to assist in a Red Cross Relief event. It was in response to the unexpected tornadoes that struck New Orleans earlier this month. The destruction was wide spread and jaw-dropping to see in person. I was paired up with a classmate and spent all day assessing the damage of each house within our designated sector. When we were done with our sector we assisted other team members that were in bigger sectors. On top of assessing the damage we were instructed to inform the victims about the different ways to access emergency assistance. Being from California, I have never been exposed to tornadoes or the tragic aftermath. There were streets with a couple homes completely untouched and then the rest of the neighborhood was leveled. Fortunately, half of our sector was fairly untouched by the tornado but the other sectors I had helped with were filled with houses that were demolished. All in all, this experience was extremely humbling and made me grateful for the blessings I have in my life. The next month will be less hectic in regards to school work and I will have my car back. I intend on being involved with Sci High this next month.

Hours this month: 10
Total hours: 10

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