Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Year in New Orleans

A new semester has begun and I am still in disbelief that the year is coming to an end so quickly. This semester started out with a bang. Our class was bombarded with a heavy workload from day one. I am taking an assortment of elective classes that really delve into specific niches within the pharmacology world. For instance, I have a class dedicated to the advances in cardiobiology, endocrine pharmacology, mechanisms of cell control, and environmental signaling in medicine. I just finished my neurology block for this semester. I never had a strong background with neurology and I just felt like a sponge in every class because 90% of the information was brand new to me. There was a mix reaction to the information by my peers. Some students were adding to the conversation and some students like me were just sitting there taking in all of the information. It goes to show how diverse our class in terms of educational backgrounds. I was hoping to start volunteering this month but a bittersweet scheduling issue came to be this month where I wasn't able to volunteer at either of the programs I was involved with last semester. The schools didn't come back from their winter breaks until the middle of the month. I have finally gotten involved with research and I had two interviews in consecutive weeks towards the end of the month. Due to my scheduling conflicts, I have planned to double my outreach efforts this next month.

Volunteer hours: 0

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