Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November in NOLA

November has flown by and was cut short by our thanksgiving break. I never thought I would need to wear a jacket in NOLA but this city never ceases to surprise me. I had less time this month due to our break. I went home to California for some much needed quality time with my friends and family. Before I left, I worked with both Sci High and Kipp with no scheduling conflicts. While working with Sci High I was able to work with a new class because of the flexibility of our class schedule during our pulmonary block. In addition to Mrs. Childress's senior class, I had the pleasure of working with her sophomore class. I was assigned to work with the students that were behind and required more individual attention. The students were working on research reports on either plants or animals that were indigenous to Louisiana. Then they needed to partner up with a classmate and explain their research to their partner. Once they're done the students would switch positions and repeat the process. While working with the senior class it was business as usual. The students have really warmed up to me and are less hesitant to ask me for help.  My work with Kipp has been extremely unpredictable and rewarding because I know that this work is helping the school focus on more important goals rather than time-consuming work. This month I was instructed to create new files for the students in each grade. Also, I was responsible for sifting through mixed piles of doctor’s notes, sick notes, and other paperwork that needed to be filed. It was an uphill battle at first but the mounds came crumbling down every week due to great teamwork. The semester is coming to an end soon and this will be my last entry. It’s been a pleasure to be so heavily involved within this community and I am excited to continue this work into next semester as well.

Hours: 7

Total Hours: 30

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